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Q1: Tell us about your Country

Germany is part of Europe and is probably the wealthiest European country.In the north , my country is very flat and borders on the North Sea, where as in the south are high mountains-the Alpes. As the country is politically and economically pretty stable , people from many countries immigrate to Germany.

Q2: Who is your favourite star from your country?

I like the music group "Ararat "( See photo)

Q3: What is special about them ?

They make really good music and the tezts of their songs are about God and their experiences with God.

Q4: What is your favourit movie from your country?

There are not many good movies made in my country . But I like one of the very old films made in Germany" Die Feuerzangenbowle( flamed red wine punch).

Q6: Tell us about the movie.

The movie was produced in 1944 and is with the famous German actor Heinz Ruhmann.It is about a man named Dr Johannes Pfeiffer Who was teached by private tutors and , therefore, doesn't know anything about funny tricks, his friends were young. So his friends decide , while rinking red wine punch, that he has to go to school again...

Q7: What is your favourite food of your country?

"Linsen and Spaetzle( lentils with spaetzle)"

Q8: Tell us about the food : What kind of food is it?

This food is from the southen part of Germany. It is a kind of lentils stew and you eat it with spaetzele - a special sort of pasta- and sausages.

Q9: If you know the recipe, please write it down.

Put lentils ( if necessary soak them overnight) in a pot and add water.Cut 1 carrot , 1 large onion , 1 leek, 2 potatos and some smoked ham into small pieces and add them to the lentils. Boil it about 30 minutes. It should become like a thick stew. Season it with salt , pepper, sugar and vinegar. Eat it with hot sausages and spaetzls( if they are not available, take another sort of pasta). Enjoy your meal !!

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