Visit the Rocky Mountains and Learn English
on the
ELTC International Students
Rocky Mountains - Jasper
Day Tour
Saturday, July 26, 2008
only $65 for 
ELTC Students!!!
(only $78 for other international students!)

Enjoy the Rocky Mountains!
Sit back, relax, take pictures, have fun!
Enjoy conversation with new friends, while travelling through the Magnificent Rocky Mountains!
ELTC is sponsoring this wonderful one-day tour to the Rocky Mountains!



You will ride from Edmonton to the 'Rockies' (Rocky Mountains)
on a luxury coach!

Jasper is one of the most famous towns in The Rockies!

On your way from Edmonton to the Town of Jasper,

you will stop at the famous Athabasca River!

You can stretch your legs (walk)
and enjoy the wonderful Canadian nature!

After enjoying a beautiful walk, it's back to the journey

to the mountains! By now you can see them!


take pictures,



It is just a short journey from
the Athabasca River to the National Park!

Once we are in the Park, it is a 30 minute drive to Jasper.

In Jasper we will stop for lunch. Many restaurants have
beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains to enjoy
while you have your lunch!

   have fun!!!
After enjoying lunch, you can walk around Jasper townsite!
There are many souvenir shops! The Information Centre is
also a great place to visit. Some people even just lay on
the grass and observe the incredible views of the
Rocky Mountains!


Jasper National Park
After visiting Jasper we head to the famous Athabasca Falls!
We will have a 'group sightseeing walk'. After the Athabasca Falls,
we drive to Patricia & Pyramid Lakes. They are truly beautiful!


Athabasca Falls:
30 km (18mi) from Jasper along the Ice Fields
Parkway. The Athabasca River is funnelled into a
narrow canyon cut in hard, quartz-rich sandstone
rock. Viewpoints are located along the falls. The
picnicking and cross-country skiing is great!

Pyramid Lake and Patricia Lake:
8 km (5 mi) from Jasper. Turning off main street,
on to Cedar Ave., leads to Pyramid Lake Rd. It's a
winding road but well worth the trip to these 2
lakes and to view  Pyramid Mountain (2,733 m,
8,969 ft). There is fishing, picnicking, boat rentals,
horseback riding, hiking, cross-country skiing and
ice-skating, (seasonal).

Jasper National Park Itinerary
7:00 am: Leave Edmonton
               (ELTC, 10355 Jasper Avenue)
               Stop at Athabasca River for 30 minutes
11:30 am: Arrive at Jasper town site
                 Lunch & Shopping
1:30 pm: Leave Jasper town site

2:00 pm: Arrive at Athabasca Falls
               Group sightseeing walk
3:00 pm: Leave Athabasca Falls
3:45 pm: Arrive at Patricia & Pyramid Lakes
               Group sightseeing walk
4:30 pm: Leave Patricia & Pyramid Lakes
8:30 pm: Arrive in Edmonton
               (ELTC, 10355 Jasper Avenue)
Day Trip to Jasper:
Date: July 29, 2006 (Saturday)

Transportation: Coach bus (55 seats, air
                          conditioning, washroom)

Fee: (includes: bus fee & National Park Entrance Fee!)
        ELTC Students and King's University Students ~ only $42
        other international students ~ only $68

Tickets Available at ELTC (limited seating)
10355 Jasper Avenue (Bay Station), Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Learn English in the Rocky Mountains at ELTC

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