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My Country

Favourit movie

Favourit food

My counry is very peaceful , compare to U.S.A. and Canada.

We have nice mountains and beautiful beaches.We have old houses ,temples and buildings.

But I am living in biggest city in Japan call " Tokyo" .

I use to take the train daily to work . It was very hard .You can 't imagin! There is not room at all ,full of people in the train .I could say a stack of people in the train.I don't care for taking the train any more.


I like the movies which directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

He is a creative director in Japan.I like most of his films ." Raputa, Totoro, Delivery Kiki,Naushika of Kazenotani ,and Mononoke hime.

I watched these movies more than 2 time.I like his story very much.

We eat rice every single day.We love rice we can't live without rice .I was so happy to see rice here.

And my host mother prepare Asian food a lot. I am so happy about it.Sometimes I miss Japanese food that I can't find here. For exsample many kinds of snaks , japanese cake, desert soup " Oshiruko"and so on . Sushi tastes diffrent here.But Japanese food is getting populer these days. So I could find a restaurant easily. That's a good thing.


I just love this school, I learned many things here. Remember ? When I first came I couldn't say anything so I start from the begining like" How are you?". Now I am able to express myself using English . That 's amazing I think. All staff from school are very nice. They are serious about each students. That why I improve a lot. I love my teacher. They are friendly ,thoughtful, and helpful as well , they are really special for me . And one of office staff is Japanese "Yuka " She is really helpful and she knows many things. You can depend on her . And you can ask anything to John who is in charge of this school. He is very friendly and funny . I like them a lot. Thanks very much for everything and I am glad to had met everyone here . I won't forget that I had great experience and good memories.

Keep in touch! This is my web site that I made in Canada.

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