Hanna Soldner  
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July, 2001

City : Rothenburg

Im Hanna and from southern Germany, Bavaria. I grew up in Rothenburg ob der Jauber, which is an quiet old
and nice town. Now I work in Munich - well I dont think there is a need to describe this town. For as Im
working in a business travel agency and talk to people all over the world I thought it was necessary to brush up
my English from school.

A good friend gave me the hint of ELTC at Edmonton. Shes been there before and I never was disappointed at
ELTC. I visited several classes for two month. I had lots of fun there. Together with class we visited the arts
museum, Legislature Building, had BBQ...... Edmonton is a good place to make a lot of things. So I went to
Fort Edmonton Park, Elk Island Park, and several other attractions in and around Edmonton with my new friends
of ELTC. We went rollerblading, cook together - German, Japanese,.... was quite funny and usually it tasted
really good! I didnt thought that I will learn so much of Asian culture when I chose Edmonton for my English
course! )( But I meet several Canadians at the St. Mathews Evangelical Lutheran Church. Here I heard of and
learned some habits and word from Canadians. Now I know the meaning of baby shower,  Pot luck, . . . )(

While I was in Canada I had the chance to travel a bit around. So I discovered Western Canada by Greyhound,
train, bike, ship, car or whatever. It was a great time!

I was able to go horse back riding, white water rafting, caving, relaxing at the campfire, canoeing, climbing, and
walking through the Rockies.

Several times I was fascinated of these great sceneries. I even wasnt able to find words for what I felt until a
guy learned me a word for the Rockies: overwhelming!

I cant believe that there is anyone able to think there great mountains originate out o a big bang. I believe that
God of heaven and earth created this great world and Im thankful to have the chance to discover more and more...


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